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Smile Food Project

Smile Food Project

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Activity Report

Established on April 8th 2020, Smile Food Project set a target to deliver 20,000 meals to medical institutions. By July 17th of the same year, we had delivered a total of 21,086 meals. As we bring the current phase of our project to a close, we would like to thank everyone who supported our work and also all those who received our bento boxes. Our activities are summarized in the final report.


Smile Food Project

Smile Food Project
Smile Food Project
Smile Food Project
Smile Food Project

Nourishing meals for the frontline workers

The current pandemic is putting enormous physical and emotional strain on the medical workers. As a collaboration of chefs, Smile Food Project aims to bring a brief respite in their stressful day by providing nourishing meals.

Smiles all round

Great food has the power to make people smile. End of the current crisis may be a while away yet, but the chefs here at Smile Food project apply their knowledge and expertise to create balanced meals, hoping to put a smile on as many faces of medical workers as possible.

石井 真介

Shinsuke Ishii (Owner of Sincère /lead chef for Chefs for the Blue)

After leaving a culinary college, Ishii worked at renowned”Hôtel de Mikuni” and “La Blanche” before relocating to France. There, he horned his skills at 2-starred and 3-starred Michelin establishments, before returning to Japan in 2004. He became the chef at “Restaurant bacar” in 2008, raising its popularity so much that it became very difficult to reserve a table. In April 2016, he opened his own “Sincère”, offering classic yet playful French cuisine based on his wealth of experience from working at top restaurants both in Japan and abroad.

石田 聡

Satoshi Ishida, CEO CITABRIA Ltd

Born in 1967. Ishida was trained at Tsuji Culinary Institute then continued his training at a long-established French restaurant in Azabu Juban for two years. After a spell of working for Global Dining Ltd, he started up CITABRIA restaurant in 2001. Currently Ishii is the CEO of CITABRIA Ltd, the operating company which manages L’Effervescence, La Bonne Table, CITABRIA Bar, Bricolage bread & co., as well their catering arm, CITABRIA Food Lab.

一般社団法人Chefs for the Blue
About Us

Chefs for the Blue

Executive Director: Hiroko Sasaki (food journalist)
Director: Shuzo Kishida (chef & owner – “Quintessence”)

With 30 of Tokyo’s leading chefs and a food journalist as its members, Chefs for the Blue strives to improve social issues related to domestic marine resources, through a wide variety of public/private-sector initiatives and events. Working alongside environmental NGOs and scientists specializing in fisheries research, the aim is to raise awareness for, and to establish a more sustainable fishing practice in Japan.

About Us


CEO: Satoshi Ishida

Incorporating many aspects of the restaurant industry in its business, CITABRIA has always strived to uncover the core of the restaurant culture by exploring its latent potential. It operates a wide variety of establishments: L’Effervescence (Michelin 2-starred French), La Bonne Table (casual French), CITABRIA Bar (hideaway bar), Food Lab (catering), Bricolage bread & co. (bakery).

About Us

NKB Inc.

With a mission to “enrich the souls of people who gather in public places” NKB aims to offer more pleasant and stimulating public environs utilizing mediums such as advertising, cultural events, public art and tourism trains. NKB also established “Gurunavi”.

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Smile Food Project

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